The Magic of Floatation Therapy

Floatation therapy is anything but new, the decades old therapy has gained traction towards the health benefits that can be derived from it by users that range from mood enhancement and lowering blood pressure right up to easing symptoms of anxiety and depression and elevating dopamine and endorphins levels.

According to the latest in research with regards to floatation therapy users practically turn down or in some cases completely shut down anxiety in the brain which has a direct impact on the human body to remedy itself internally on its own. Research also reveals that floatation therapy is effective in the following areas:

  • Enhancing levels of creativity significantly

  • Sportsmen and women have found that frequent use of floatation tanks enhances their performance on the field

  • Reduces stress significantly and recommended for stress management as floatation reduces cortisol levels exponentially

  • It has also been found that floatation tanks assists in treatments that involve hypnosis

  • The magnesium rich Epsom salt solution is found to alleviate skin irritation and is effective against skin disease

  • Doctors have recommended using floatation tanks to help patients to handle their habit disorders

  • It is also extremely beneficial for women who have uncomfortable bouts of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) as floatation therapy improves blood flow considerably

  • Rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments that cause chronic pain

How it Works

Floatation involves floating in an Epsom-salt solution that contains approximately 525kg of magnesium added to water which is heated to skin temperature (35.5°C) making it impossible for your senses to differentiate which parts of the body is in the water and which parts are not. This creates an environment that is akin to the Dead Sea minus the temperature and movement which allows the user to float effortlessly on the water surface in a safe and contained environment. Users are left with a serene sense of existence whilst feeling of free and weightless.

Floatation Centres in Melbourne

There are numerous spas and health clubs that offer floatation therapy and prices as well as service levels vary significantly with some charging significantly more than others for the exact same service. Finding a suitable floatation centre that provides good service and charge reasonably can prove to be a little tricky.

One particular floatation centre that offers reasonable prices and extends excellent customer service is the Rest House Float Centre which is located in 340 South Road, Hampton East, VIC 3188, Australia. The designs of their pods are excellent and according to the user manual of the pods at the Rest House Float Centre, the float pods are specifically designed to block out not only light and tactile sensations, but also sound.

The entire spa is welcoming with service staffs that are incredibly friendly and helpful. The centre offers a discount for first time floaters at 55 dollars/ hour, otherwise its 74 dollars/ hour or 99 dollars for 2 hours (recommended). Floatation is definitely beneficial and it is something everyone should try.